Worth Quoting


A compilation of all the words that inspire me. From heroes of the literature and blogging world, to lost friends, the people closest to me, my favorite movies, the love of my life, and my parents (obviously).

“It’s not about you. It is not about what you want. Look for that selfless place inside of you and just start stacking wood for the fire there. Search until you find that place, though it won’t be easy to find. Still, be relentless in finding it. Build from that selfless place inside of you that is not too big or loud or selfish or proud. Build from that little spot inside of you that burns quietly and unceasingly for others.” –HB

“We are a lovely mess and masterpiece all at once.” –BP

“It’s human (to worry all the time). We want to be in control when we are by no means qualified to do so. If God was to let us actually determine what happened in every situation we would be more of a wreck than we already are… it’s so comforting to know though, that when we do take control and mess up that He can still use it for Him.” -D

“I am never fully accomplished unless I have Jesus. No amount of checks on a list can fulfill me as much as Christ can.” –My Boy

“Invest your life in a person who is more of a map to you than a story. Stories are beautiful, but maps take you places. Go and see and do… live love out loud, not just through captions and tags.” -HB

“One day we will dance with no restraint, and we will love with no fear. For when the King returns, it will be as though our pain was but a dream, and our hope is the only reality we know.” –TL

“Let go and let God” -Dad (he didn’t say it first, but he made sure I knew this one.)

“Just breathe and laugh and wear some mascara, for goodness sake!” -Big Sis

“Prove to them that they are wrong about you. Prove to them that you are more than your grades.” – Professor (yes, I just quoted my professor, because it’s a kick-butt quote and has loads of encouragement wrapped up in it.)

“People will rarely ever remember what you say, but they will remember your actions.” – MM

“Maybe you should stop writing about brokenness and start writing about grace.” – Grams

“Grieve the things that aren’t going your way, but then you’ve got to pick yourself back up and figure out your next move.”  – Mom