About Me

Processed with VSCO with f1 presetHi! My name is Averi — welcome to my corner of the internet!

I am a twenty year old interior architecture student at East Tennessee State University (GO BUCS). I am passionate about writing — especially about Jesus and the things close to my heart.  I am a firm believer that words have the power to change the world.

I am confident that my life is actually a musical, and there are usually at least ten songs floating around my head throughout the day.  I have an unhealthy obsession with plants, iced coffee, and TV shows that make me bawl.  You can usually find me hiding under 10,000 blankets while watching HGTV. My talents include: tripping over flat surfaces, downing three cups of coffee before noon, and occasionally being able to guess which house they’ll pick on House Hunters.

Recently, I have discovered that people are my love language.

My favorite thing in the entire world is gathering around a candlelit table and listening to people tell their stories – hearing what street corner they grew up on, figuring out what stirs their affections for the Lord, discovering what makes them belly laugh. I adore the phrase how’s your heart? and the answers that follow.  I believe kindness and ferocious love make the world go ’round.

These words are my story; I hope they find a way into the nooks of your heart. I hope they encourage you + make you feel loved.