Home of the Brave

I get an abundance of joy out of celebration. Celebrating people, celebrating life events, even celebrating holidays. Independence day was no exception.

After spending a rainy Fourth of July playing card games around the coffee table and belly laughing until it hurt; I fell asleep listening to fireworks pop one after another. I drifted to sleep filled with gratitude knowing that our country is founded on freedom, but not without sacrifice.


That word has always been hard for me to fully comprehend. The dictionary describes it as, “An act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy”. I would go as far to say that ‘something valued’ can even mean one’s life. Isn’t that just what our soldiers do every time they go to war for our country? Isn’t that what our founding fathers did to establish this nation? They sacrificed everything for the sake of strangers. They sacrificed everything so that you and I could live freely.

I cannot think of a better picture of Jesus.

God sent His son to die a sinner’s death on a cross, so that I could live and know God intimately and be free from my sins. Jesus paid the ultimate price — He sacrificed His life for the entire world.

Today, I am praying that we wouldn’t take for granted the sacrifice of our founding fathers. I pray we won’t overlook the people that have fought for our freedom. And I pray we remember that Jesus paid it all and all to Him we owe.


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