If These Plants Could Talk


If you know me, you know how much I love plants.

When I moved to Tennessee to start college some of the first things I bought for my dorm room were succulents and cacti. I have always loved the idea of growing and taking care of plants, but it wasn’t until two years ago that I actually began studying them and learning how to care for them in the best way possible.

There is just something so beautiful about watching plants grow.

Maybe it’s seeing the hard work and commitment come to fruition, or maybe it’s the fact that something depended on me to survive and it actually thrived. Maybe it’s how plants bring life to a dull and dark dorm room. But it’s such a rewarding experience to watch plants grow and flourish where they are planted.

The plants I curate for my collection are the kind you can’t kill. Maybe one day I will move to plants that take serious amounts of nurturing, but for now (when I live in a space that has one window) I will stick with my friends that refuse to die. Even in the worst situations – little-to-no light, watered once every other week, left on the kitchen table and given no attention – these little guys survive. They don’t need an expensive pot or even fancy fertilizer.


They grow exactly where they are planted.

What if we all did that? What if we grew and made a difference in the place God has planted us right now? What if we didn’t worry about our own plans, but instead focused on His will for our life?

I want to be present and stay where my feet are. Just like my plants that grow despite their circumstances, I want to bloom where I am planted. I want to stay, stay, stay, and see what God has planned for me in the here and now.

But I also recognize that I cannot grow on my own. I need a nurturer. I need the ultimate Caregiver. I can’t survive on my own strength; I need Jesus’ strength.

If these plants could talk, I bet they would tell us to stick around. They would say that no matter how hard it may seem to grow right now, you have to thrive anyways. I think they would tell us that we need to survive. But they would say that we cannot do it by ourselves. They would plead with us to grow exactly where we are planted. And I believe God pleads with us to do the same.



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