Come Home

***Hi! I know I have been gone for awhile. It’s been a combination of not knowing what to write about and running around like a crazy person trying to keep up with my life. So, here is a post I wrote forever ago (which is still so completely relevant in my life!). I hope this is encouraging to you; it definitely was to me.***
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When the pastor said open your bibles to malachi, I had to think twice about where to find that book. You could flip right by it without even knowing. But, for a tiny book, Malachi is jam-packed with words of encouragement and wisdom from malachi (obviously).

I filled the pages of my journal with verse after verse of wisdom. but one verse in particular left the biggest imprint on my heart.

“Return to me, and I will return to you.” Malachi 3:7

One of the most profound, comforting, hopeful sentences I have ever read.

How beautiful is it that when we run far and fast, we can return – at any time – to the arms of our father? We can stop running away from the great shepherd and start sprinting toward the finish line, where Jesus is waiting for our return.

When we come home, God won’t say I told you so. he won’t tell us how disappointed he is. He will simply embraces us – scars and all. Our father will wipe our tears away and say to us you are home now. you don’t have to be scared anymore.

When we return to him, He promises to return to us. It is simple. There is no underlying message in this verse. There is no need to read between the lines. God is not a God of confusion.

When we wholeheartedly set our sin aside and return to Him, He will embrace us in our brokenness.

But hear me when I say, grace is not a license to sin. Grace is a free gift from our father. We cannot take it for granted.

He is jealous for us. He wants our whole whole hearts. He wants us to give up control.

When we return home to God, we must do so with every fiber of our being. He doesn’t just want one piece of us; He wants every single piece.  Our time, our mind, our body, our emotions, our will. Everything.

So what are you waiting for? Come home. Run fast to your savior’s arms.

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