Twenty Sixteen


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To me, 2016 looked like turning nineteen, finding community in a new place, and learning what it means to trust.

It looked like school kicking my butt and people failing me. This year looked a lot like broken promises and being fearful. 2016 was the year of loneliness and doubting God’s plan for my life. This year was the year of breaking new year resolutions and trying to be perfect when I am helplessly broken.

But 2016 was also the year of first dates and falling in love with my best friend. It was the year of restored relationships. 2016 looked a lot like stepping out of my comfort zone and leading a small group of 17 freshman. It looked like learning to cheer for people and love them hard. 2016 looked like reading words that dig deep into my soul and people telling me what I need to hear. This year looked like proving my professor wrong and reading books that I actually enjoy. This year looked like accountability and rediscovering how to delight in the Lord. 2016 looked like becoming a coffee addict. It looked like being okay with being a mess and acknowledging that I don’t have it all together. This year was the year of new and redefining what home means.

Many firsts and many lasts. 2016 wasn’t awful. In reality, it was actually very kind to me.

This year was full of answered prayers and God giving me immeasurably more than I deserve.

In January 2016, I was desperately seeking to fill the thin, spread out places of my life. The places where I was falling short. I tried wholeheartedly to become less busy and all over the place on my own. I failed.

In January 2017, I will be asking God to fill in the gaps. I will ask him to fill the spaces that I cannot. Because without him, I am nothing. But with him, anything is possible.

I can’t wait to see what story He lets me tell in the new year.


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