So, what now?


It’s over. The election is done.

*takes a deep breath*

I have never been crazy about politics. It has always interesting to me, but never something that I followed closely. Until this year…

This election season I celebrated being old enough to vote!

What a blessing and privilege. I am thankful that on tuesday I got to exercise my freedom to vote and watch, what I thought to be, one of theĀ most important elections in my time. I understand we all had (and probably still have) different opinions about how yesterday played out. Hillary supporters. Trump supporters. Independent supporters. There are people celebrating today. There are people lamenting today.

But guys, let’s not spread hate and disrespect.

Social media is filled to the brim with hate, confusion, distress, joy, excitement, fear, and bitterness today. Yes, I know the result of this election is not to be taken lightly. This President will change everything (and I think that might be a good thing).

But no matter your opinion of our new president, we are called to love.

We are not called to have a spirit of fear and we are certainly not called to throw animosity around like confetti. We are called to respect and love everyone — that doesn’t mean we have to agree with their political views. You can respect someone without approving their decisions.

So today, instead of arguing through Facebook comments and unfollowing the people that refuse to agree with you on social media, try showing some grace. Grace for the Hilary Clinton supporter. Grace for the Donald Trump supporter. And grace for everyone in between.

GodĀ gives us grace, and then He gives us more grace.

Imagine a country where grace triumphs over resentment. Imagine a place where people looked more like Jesus. Love over hate, guys. Love over hate.

I am praying for our country and praying for our new President. And I truly believe the best is yet to come.



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