reckless abandonment.

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it was a wednesday night and some of the most fiercely loyal women I know were all gathered in one room.

the question was: how do we become women of reckless abandonment?
that night was the first time I had ever heard the phrase reckless abandonment uttered.  I thought to myself how outrageous that expression sounded.  why would I want to become someone of reckless abandon?
to be reckless is to be utterly unconcerned about the outcome of a situation.  and to have abandon is to give up complete control.  my mind instantly pictured a girl on a motorcycle with a leather jacket and an eyebrow piercing. that is totally not me.  and not really someone I could ever picture myself being.
or so I thought.
all at once, it hit me.
we should be recklessly abandoned to our creator.  we should be fully surrendered to our Lord without worrying about the outcome — without fear of what others will think.  we should be people that love fiercely and serve passionately, no matter the cost.

think about Ruth for a minute.

think of how completely devoted she was to her mother-in-law, Naomi. she never left her side — not once.  while Naomi took a path of bitterness and regret, Ruth chose to be fully surrendered to God’s plan.  she handed him the pencil and let him write her story.  she gave up complete control and consistently lived a life devoted to the Lord and to Naomi.  Ruth didn’t care about the whispers.  she didn’t care about the subtweets, or having the perfect instagram feed.  Ruth simply wanted to serve Naomi — to be at her side when she needed her.  Ruth made a choice to be recklessly abandoned.
I want to be like Ruth.  I want to love people hard and well.  I don’t want to hesitate helping someone in need because of my own desires.  I want to pray and talk about Jesus without fear of everyone else’s opinions.

I want to give God the pencil and let him write the next chapter of my story.


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