back at it again.

hello, it’s me. *breaks out into song*

for those of you who don’t know, my old blog got deleted (boo!) along with all my blog posts (boo x 10!). so I guess you could call this my rebound blog – a clean slate, a new beginning. from this unfortunate scenario, I feel like God was forcing me to loosen my grip on my old blog. it was everything to me.
has anything ever consumed your every thought? have you woken up with this thing on your mind? have you consistently thought of ways to improve that object, relationship, or whatever else it may be? we all have that one thing…
and as cheesy as it sounds, my blog was that thing for me.

I was devoted to my blog.

sure, I was writing about Jesus, but I think I was talking about him more than I was actually spending intimate time with him. it is funny how a blog about God could actually pull me away from God.
so, I am back at it again (with the white vans… ha! I had to). and I am going to do things a little differently this time.
and while we are on the subject of “different”, this crisis (okay, that is a bit dramatic) has given me the opportunity to completely revamp the blog… starting with it’s name!


this phrase, with reckless abandon, has made such an impact on me this year. so naturally, it will be the concept of this new space. I can’t wait to tell you all the ways it has changed me and my view on christianity.

that is all for now. stay tuned!




4 thoughts on “back at it again.

    1. thank you Samantha! that message you gave at women’s night truly left an imprint on my heart. you, and the well, made such a huge impact on my walk with the Lord this year. I cannot wait to see what he has in store for next year!!


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